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We can make your web site work harder, make it easier to use, and have it generate more sales. Join many of the Christchurch and Lyttelton businesses to choose us for their web design & development project. Start reaping the benefits of a stronger, cleaner, and better web presence.

Have a look at a selection of our web clients and then contact us to get started on your new web site and online strategy.

Here's quick run down of how we work:

  1. Goal Setting. What are the goals of your company, and how will your online strategy help you reach these goals? Define your online needs, current position, and set defined targets for your web site.
  2. Create a plan to reach your goals. Review this plan together including where responsibility for the success of each piece of the plan sits. This is the plan that guides the development of your site.
  3. Implementation. This is when we do the detailed design and construction of your project  so that you reach the goals we agreed to in the Goal Setting phase.
  4. Ongoing support, SEO, Content creation, Social media posts. A living web site is always evolving and growing with your company.  Who is going to manage your public relations?  What tools will you use to reach your audience? 

Your web site is the one online area that you have complete control over - what will you do with the power of the internet?